I believe in the future of agriculture. I said these words when I was 14 years old, not because I believed them then, but for a speech I needed to give in my ag class. Now 18 years later, I look back on those seven words and can’t believe I didn’t mean them. I am agriculture. My family is agriculture. We believe in the future. We believe in providing families fresh local veggies. We believe in the future of agriculture, and you should too. You should believe in your local farmers and ranchers. You should believe in buying from a local farm, not only so you can support a small family, but so you know where your food is coming from. So, you know how your food is grown and where its grown. You should learn about local CSA options and local farms who offer delivery, or you should drive to your local farm and support them, because they are the future of agriculture. And they are your future too. Many folks don’t know where or how to find a local farm or do not stop because its easier to get all of their groceries from one large chain store, but who are you helping when you buy from one of those? You are not helping your local community, nor are you helping yourself by purchasing food that has gone thousands and thousands of miles to get to your store. Yes, we like to have sweet corn in December when its not available in our home state but in July and August, why are you still buying it from there? Supporting local far outweighs the convenience of Walmart or Amazon, the biggest difference? Getting to know who provides the food to you, who your farms delivery driver is and forming a relationship with an actual person. Find a local family farm and shop from them. Get to know them because guess what? They are the future of your food. They are the ones who will continue to grow for you! We are the ones who continue to grow for you. We are not just here for the wealthy; we care about each and every person in our community and we provide access to our farm fresh veggies to all! We are the ones who give back to our community members, to our veterans and to those who cannot afford food. We give back because we care about the fact that one in four kids in America goes to bed hungry, we give back because we don’t want our veterans to be forgotten, we are a part of this community, and we need your help to be here for your future. We want to be a part of your future and in order for us to continue to do that, we need you to support us. Look us up, shop at the farmers markets, buy a CSA, order farm to doorstep delivery, stop by the farm and just say hey! We live here, we work here, we are here for you. Shop local, shop from us. From our family to your table, grown with love, driven less that one hundred miles, picked fresh daily, doesn’t that sound better? We are here for all the difficulties of farming. We are here for the gas price hike, for the hailstorms, for the unpredictable future that farming provides. We are here for you. We need you to be here for us.
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Thank you for supporting our family farm!!