The new season will be here before we know it! We will be starting in the Greenhouse in the next couple of weeks. To returning CSA members and those who wish to be a part of our CSA family this year, we will have a new signup sheet coming soon. We are in the process of planning which markets we will be attending this year. Please be patient! If you do not know about our CSA, you are in for a real treat as others can tell you!

CSA is a community supported Agriculture. When you buy a share, you help us prepare for the year. Seeds, fertilizer, dirt. All the things we need to get the year going. In return, you receive 20 weeks? worth of vegetables. Plus, 2 passes to come to the farm in the fall and pick your own vegetables! Payments can be made from sign up until June 15 when the CSA officially begins! It must be paid in full before you will be allowed to pick up. Prices remain the same this year. $450 for a half share and $750 for a full share.

Sign up for the 2019 CSA Season here

We will mail out CSA letters to those paid in full sometime in May. That letter is your ticket each week. Bring it with you and one of our wonderful people will mark off that week. Simple as that!

When picking up, we will provide the basket and you bring it with you each week and PICK OUT YOUR OWN VEGGIES! We do not pre-package anything! Walk through, pick out what you want and that is it! If you are a canner or a freezer or have extra company, you can double up at any time. First week to the last. While some things go all year, some crops are seasonal. You will go home with a weeks? worth of food and be supporting local agriculture all season!

The fall festival is our biggest event of the year. We invite you to come out and spend a day with your family. Pick your own vegetables and play in the dirt, watch the chickens and ducks! As always we invite you to come to the farm anytime. Our play area is always open! Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Thank you!