We have come up with a GREAT idea that we wanted to pass along to you! Schools, companies, and many types of affiliations are always looking for new ways to drive fund raisers and collect money for various projects or activities. The Millers have decided to introduce a new program to all of you involved in various fund raising activities, or to those of you who may want to start a group and receive not only wonderful fresh produce, but to also receive a special discount on Colorado’s favorite CSA program!

Our 2018 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is known across the country as being one of the best CSA?s available, and is also known to be a very generous and a favored CSA by many. This being said, we have decided to offer groups like yours a special deal to help in your fund raising endeavors and/or to offer special discounts to your affiliation. If your group is able to raise ten or more CSA members, either half shares at $500.00, or full shares at $800.00, or any combination thereof, Miller Farms is willing to donate 10% of the earnings back to your group. In example, if you sold 10 full shares at $800.00 per share, your group would receive a check back in late June for $80. The members then get fresh produce for 20 weeks starting on June 16th and running through October. This breaks down to $23.00 a week for a half share, and $40.00 a week for a full share of fresh produce. A half share member gets a half bushel basket each week, and a full share member gets two half bushel baskets. A half share typically provides enough produce to feed 2-3 folks per week, and a full share provides enough produce to feed 4-5 members per week. Each full share member receives 4 free passes, half share each get 2 free passes to our Fall Harvest Festival where they come to our farm and be a farmer for a day, picking their own fresh produce!

The really wonderful thing about our CSA program is the fact that you get to choose your own vegetables each week! You come to one of the farmers markets we attend or here to the farm and fill your basket with fresh locally grown produce once a week. Most CSA’s prepackage what you get each week, and at times this results in a member getting different types of produce that they may or may not use.

?We hope that you will consider our wonderful fundraiser program and take advantage of it this year.For complete information, please visit our web site at or call us at 970-785-6133 with any thoughts or questions you may have. If you need additional materials to advertise or promote this program, please contact us. This program does not qualify for the CSA referral contest.